Welcome to capaxys

capaxys stands for individual software development. The implementation of specifications of different complexity to concrete software solutions is our passion. Individuality and unconventional approach are our most important tools, and yet the goal is always an efficient solution with as wide a range of benefits as possible.



We are interested in all kinds of exciting software projects. For online projects (classic web design and engineering, server / client based applications) as well as for offline tasks (eg VBA environment for Excel data).





capaxys is also a major developer behind rayngap. This open source CMS builds on the codebase on modern technology, and offers maximum flexibility, individuality and a growing set of features, especially the ability to create stunning, versatile websites without writing a line of code. Some keywords are: consistently multilingual, multilevel user and group management, theme management, extensive menu builder and editor, WYSIWYG content, design, and structure editors, media manager, galleries, sliders, teaser pages, automatic updates and more. Rather technical buzzwords include: Ajax-based, modular concept with namespaces for flexible expansion also by third-party developers, rayngap's own set of interfaces and support features for further software development, update distribution servers with public-key signatures for secure updates. And here, too, more and more follow.


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